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“Nick Cope’s Popcast on CBeebies “

All there is to know about the magical world of Nick Cope’s Popcast

Each episode sees singer songwriter Nick Cope, accompanied by his companion Norman the Whippet, looking for ideas for a new Popcast song as his quirky caravan is transported to a different location. Taking inspiration from his new surroundings and with the help of “The Popcasters”, a team of young children (including Nick’s real life grandson Remie and granddaughter Alva ) who give Nick ideas and themes for him to sing about, Nick sits down to write an unforgettable song.

When the song is ready it’s time to power up the Popcast machine and broadcast it to the nation. Norman presses his paw on the ‘play’ button and launches the magical, mixed media experience for everyone to enjoy; with quirky characters brought to life, children singing and the Popcasters dancing along to the song that they have helped Nick create.

With songs including the ‘Baby’s Done a Poo’‘I’m a Little Lizard’ and ‘A Round of Applause for the Dinosaurs’, Nick Cope’s Popcast, with its positive message, spectacular visuals and charming songs, provides timeless entertainment that will be treasured and enjoyed by generations to come.

The Episodes

Join Nick and his whippet Norman in a magical, musical series filled with funny songs for children and their families.

Series 3


Nick and the Popcasters create the perfect song to help a very tired Bee get its buzz back.

I’ve Got a Pizza

Remie and Alva are sharing a Pizza together when they have an idea – a special doggy Pizza for Norman that he can share with his friends.

Stone in My Shoe

Bones and Brains

Nick has fallen off his skateboard and hurt his wrist and he can’t play his guitar,  but the Popcast Planners have a plan.

Charity Store

After helping in the charity store, Nick is given a really special gift he brings home for Norman.

Mouthful of Teeth

No Dog Quite Like Norman

Norman gets interviewed for the Popcast news after winning the special golden paw award.

What We Gonna Do?

Nick and Norman are bored and stuck indoors on a rainy day, so think of fun things they can do.

My Old Guitar

Guinea Pig

Nick has his hands full looking after Remie & Alva’s pet guinea pigs, Celia and Amelia.

It’s All Our Planet

Nick and the Popcasters write a song to help save the old oak tree and all the animals that live within it.


Some Days

Nick and Norman take a road trip to visit Normans family over at Popcast Bay and meet some other characters on the way.


Norman has the perfect idea of what Nick can do with all the tins of paint and pile of wood from the shed.

It Doesn’t Matter

Whole Lotta Fun

Its the Popavision song contest and Nick has the perfect outfit, but needs an idea for the song, so he asks the Popcast Planners for help.

Crochet Doll

Nick brings home a doll that has been left out in a “please take” box and cheers her up with a very special song.

Old People

Series 2

I’ve Lost My Bobble Hat

While sorting through his hats, Nick realises his favourite hat is missing. Can today’s Popcast song help him find it?

Nigel Had a Long Neck

Nick and the Popcasters create a song about Nigel the Giraffe, who longs to see the view from the top of Primrose Hill.

Norman Is My Name

Valerie the Vampire

Nick and Norman get some help from a vampire bat called Valerie to write a Popcast song for their spooky party.

Owl’s First Flight

The caravan is visited by a little owl learning to fly. The owl and Alva, Nick’s granddaughter, give Nick the perfect idea for today’s song.

Barbara Had a Brother

The Moth and the Sloth

After doing some exercise to start the day, Nick and Norman spot a moth and a sloth and realise that sometimes it’s fun to take things nice and slow.

Is It Healthy or Not?

It’s curry night, and Nick writes a song to help him remember to buy lots of healthy ingredients, but will he remember to buy Norman’s dog treats?

Family of Cats

Don’t Be Scared of the Dark

Norman is scared of the dark and can’t get to sleep. Can Nick and the Popcasters find a song to help him snuggle down?

Little Bean

Nick, Remie and Alva are growing bean plants, but Norman’s plant isn’t growing. Nick and the Popcasters suggest what Norman needs to do to get his beans back on the scene.

The Old Oak Tree

Keep On

Nick is trying his best to bake a special cake for Grandma’s birthday, but things don’t go to plan. The Popcasters tell him to keep on trying and he’ll get there in the end.

Eva the Beaver

The Popcasters help Nick finish a song for the Popcast songbook about a busy beaver called Eva. As they sing, Eva is busy beavering away with a surprise for Nick.

Pet Dinosaur

Be Nice, Be Kind

Today is Nick’s birthday and he is super excited, until a card arrives with an odd message from the T-Rex. We hope it doesn’t spoil Nick’s special day!

Dear Old Deer

Nick spots a beautiful deer wandering in the forest. Norman thinks it could be a unicorn because it only has one antler.

The Stars Are Hiding

The Blackbird and the Bluebird

Nick and Norman are identifying the birds singing in the forest and hear a strange sound. It’s their broken cuckoo clock. Can the birds help them fix it by finding the missing key?

Who’s at the Door?

Norman gives Nick a very special Christmas present – something that Christmas dreams are made of. But not all is as it seems – or is it?

Series 1


Nick and Norman get a visit from a giant T-Rex, and Norman does his best dinosaur roar.


There’s a smelly pong in the caravan, Nick and Norman need to get to the bottom of it!

Take a Walk

Nick and his Grandson Remie wave goodbye to the city and say hello to the countryside.


A scaly little visitor gives Nick and Norman an idea for today’s Popcast Song.


It’s a rainy day, so Nick and Norman create a Popcast song about a beautiful rainbow.


Nick and Norman are at the seaside, and someone has left a plastic bag on the beach.


Recycling gives Nick an idea for a Popcast Song about a rusty old robot.


Nick and his Grandson Remie create a Popcast Song about a spider who lives in a bucket.


Nick creates a Popcast Song about a brave penguin called Ruby who was born with one wing.


Nick is looking at family photographs and creates a Popcast song about being a brother.


Why did Hugh the hedgehog cross the road? He was looking for wiggly worms of course!


Nick and his Grandson Remie sing a Popcast Song about bears in the wintery woods.


Nick and Norman are going to an animal fancy dress party but what animal will Nick go as?


Spending a night in the forest, Nick and Norman find a magical, musical dragon’s egg.

Nick Cope’s Popcast